“In Angela Keller’s work the dreamy balance of her art permeates unhesitatingly true-to-life concepts. The role played by colours is of primary importance for the entire narrative system and develops an interesting subliminal language. Keller identifies its own expressive dynamics by shaping a visionary and fanciful dimension, which is extremely eloquent and allusive, and by processing emotions, ideas, concepts and intuition. Visual and subjective reality bridges facts to imagination, developing into a playful and mysterious synthesis, capturing bystanders’ eyes and inviting them to an active role inside the painting and requesting their own interpretation for an open and lively exchange. Keller awakens surreal visions with a hint of dreams and fantasy, while fluctuating between surrealism and symbolism. She never leaves out substantial and introspective aspects by inserting psychological and existential content to be unveiled and decoded through insightful awareness.”

Elena Gollini