May 27th – Jun 10th

Upcoming show featuring 18 works by Angela Keller at Secret Art Ltd.


Press release

At the boundaries of the imaginary, between mimesis of reality and mimesis of dreams sails Angela Keller’s Art. Anthropomorphic zoo figures of rare beauty live in a rarefied, suspended, restless dimension. The becoming of dreams chases the sublimed images in liquid pastel transparencies suspended above infinite spaces. Fleeting figures in the motionless drama of creation creep among the forms giving the painted images a rarefied theatricality lost in time. Very sweet figures hover between calm glow and soft reflections where light is free to recreate sensual forms shaping a new iridescent space. Evoking distant presences, the artist generates a parallel reality, suspended between sky and sea, where solitary clouds run through the most remote and uncontaminated areas of consciousness. Unconscious and affectivity, silences and shadows, dialogue with fleeting cats and improbable rhinoceroses that resort to shining winged lions of whispered immateriality. In the embryonic labyrinths of memory the artist’s works sublimate in an unprecedented dimension of an archaic biosphere where indefinite sensory entities live in a pure and uncontaminated world.

Prof. Gianluigi Guarneriv